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Welcome to OptiMed Hospitalists Medical Group | About Our Company
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About Our Company


OptiMed Hospitalists provides in-patient and out-patient healthcare in one hospital, eight nursing homes, four assisted home living facilities, and one wound care center. Our practice management is more of an art than a science. Unlike typical hospitalists services, we provide our medical providers with a predictable schedule and accommodate their personal needs so they can achieve a healthy balance in their lives. We commit ourselves to their personal and professional growth through offering a partnership professional development track. We consider our group as a one big family, and we care about each other’s well-being and happiness.


The Most Innovative, Patient-Focused and Sought After Medical Group in North Carolina and Beyond.


At OptiMed there are many values that guide our actions; among them are the following:

Integrity: We believe in hard work, honesty, and reliability to provide the best outcomes for our patients and our business partners.

Leadership:  We believe in taking initiatives, solving problems, assuming responsibilities for all actions, and ensuring a positive and balanced life-work environment for all.

Excellence: We believe in the value of transparent operations, communication, and a shared commitment to excellence in healthcare services that makes a difference in the lives of our patients and our community.

Community: We believe in the value of an inclusive community and respect the importance and contribution of all.  We believe in a culture of service and collaboration and value stewardship, honesty and fairness, and strive to ensure that these values guide our words and actions.

Transformation: We believe in the transformative value of the hospitalist medicine combined with cutting edge continuing education and technology. We believe in providing the skills, values, and the vision that will enable our medical providers to make a difference in their positions.




In 2007, two aspiring physicians Dr. Ajjan and Dr. Giordano worked as hospitalists at  Lake Norman Regional  Medical Center. At the time, the group they worked for was short-staffed and the two physicians were working more than 20 days per 28 cycle to cover the hospital needs every month. One day in February 2010, they came up with an innovative idea to start their own hospitalist group to offer flexible, dynamic, and innovative programming. They wanted to create a balance for physicians that join the group so they can maintain life-work balance. They both recognized the importance and need for such a group in their local market. They approached several hospitals in the area and received their first contract at Iredell Memorial Hospital in November 2010 with a start date of January 15, 2011. That day marks the beginning of an amazing journey of ups and downs. A journey that despite all its challenges allowed both physicians to grow personally and professionally.  The group grew from two physicians at one medical facility in November 2010 to 20 medical providers at fourteen medical facilities today. The medical facilities are Iredell Memorial Hospital, Peak Resource Gastonia, Peak Resources Cheryville, Brian Center Gastonia, Brian Center Statesville, Peak Resources Shelby, Short-Term Rehab at Iredell Memorial, Iredell Memorial Wound Care Center, Maple Leaf Statesville, Rosewood Assisted-Living of Statesville, Summit place of Mooresville, Brookdale Churchill of Mooresville, and Carillon Assisted Living of Mooresville.


On October, 2014  Dr. Giordano sold his shares in OptiMed to Dr. Ajjan in order to pursue his dream in aesthetic medicine . Dr. Ajjan’s passion has always been improving hospitalists services for all his business partners. Over the past ten years, Dr. Ajjan has built clinical and managerial experience in hospitalists management and care that gives him the ability to provide quality service with attention to exceptional care. His five-year strategic plan is to continue to grow the operations of OptiMed Hospitalists and further align its growth with the values and mission of the company. His personal commitment to his business partners and medical providers is to build a company that they are all proud to be part of.

On a typical day our physicians spend their time on the following activities:

Assess and Treat Medical Condition0%
Establish Relationship with Patients and Familiy0%
Establish a Safe Discharge Plan0%
Improve Hospital's System Utilization0%