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Welcome to OptiMed Hospitalists Medical Group | Services
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On a typical day our medical providers start the day with an assigned list of patients to see for the day from ICU, Telemetry, and Medical Floor. Most of our admissions and consults throughout the day arrive through the ED. If the primary physician, specialist, or ED physician believes that a patient needs to be hospitalized, he or she will coordinate her admission with our hospitalist group. If the patient is admitted through the emergency department, we will notify the patient’s primary physician. Once admitted, the hospitalist group will supervise the patient’s care, see her daily, and give her quality care. The hospitalist group will:

  • Assess and treat patient’s medical condition
  • Coordinate hospital care
  • Review progress with patient’s physician
  • Establish a relationship with the family
  • Transition patient’s medical care back to patient’s primary physician, who will resume responsibility for ongoing outpatient treatment, after the patient is discharged

Our services can be summarized into four general catagories


    • Provide exceptional medical care to all our patients
    • Work closely with specialists and primary care physicians to ensure the best care
    • Provide 24/7 for 365 days per year quality care
    • Manage admissions
    • Manage consults
    • Mange patients discharge
    • Educate patients


    • Establish strong relationship with primary care physicians and specialists
    • Build a strong communication channel with hospital administration
    • Work closely with other medical providers

  • Hospitalist Management

    • Recruit exceptional medical providers
    • Manage scheduling
    • Market services
    • Identify quality and efficiency benchmarks
    • Ensure 100% Core Measures Compliance
    • Measure patients’ and medical providers’ satisfaction
    • Decrease Readmission Rate
    • Decrease Length of Stay
    • Increase Case Mix Index
    • Decrease Cost per Case


    • Continuously measure and improve key performance indicators
    • Identify quality and efficiency benchmarks based on national data
    • Evaluate opportunities for improvement